Whiskers McFluff
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Whiskers McFluff

Esteemed Feline Physicist Specializing in Quantum Catodynamics

Furrball Laboratories, Meowhattan


Hi there, I'm Whiskers McFluff, your go-to feline physicist specializing in the fascinating world of quantum catodynamics, currently leading the groundbreaking research at Furrball Laboratories in Meowhattan. Over the last decade, my curiosity and relentless pursuit of knowledge have driven me to uncover the mysteries of the cat quantum universe. My work focuses on exploring the peculiar behaviors of quantum fur entanglement and the physics behind the unpredictable catnip particle decay.

Work Experience

Furrball Laboratories

Lead Quantum Catodynamics Researcher

2014-06 - Present
Meowhattan, NY
Overseeing cutting-edge research in quantum catodynamics. Pioneered the study of fur entanglement and quantum pouncing techniques. Successfully applied theoretical models to practical experiments, significantly advancing the understanding of feline quantum mechanics.

Meowhattan Institute of Technology

Assistant Professor of Feline Physics

2014-07 - 2018-05
Meowhattan, NY
Taught advanced courses in quantum mechanics and feline physics. Supervised graduate students' research projects in catnip particle decay and the applications of quantum fur entanglement. Received the 'Innovator in Education' award for developing a comprehensive curriculum that combines theoretical physics with practical feline studies.

Catnip Dynamics Corp.

Research Scientist

2010-06 - 2014-05
Silicon Valley, CA
Led a team in the development of sustainable, high-efficiency catnip harvesting techniques. Implemented quantum physics principles to enhance catnip scent dispersion, dramatically increasing product effectiveness and customer satisfaction among the feline population.


Cattown University

Ph.D. in Feline Physics

2010-09 - 2014-05
Meowhattan, NY
Conducted pioneering research in Quantum Catodynamics, focusing on fur entanglement phenomena and the principles of catnip particle decay. Published several influential papers in 'The Journal of Quantum Feline Mechanics', contributing significantly to the field.

Whiskerton Institute of Technology

Master's in Theoretical Purrhysics

2008-09 - 2010-06
Catbridge, MA
Explored advanced topics in cat quantum mechanics, including the Schroedinger's Cat paradox and its implications for feline superposition. Achieved groundbreaking results in the study of catnip-induced hyper-relaxation states.

Paws and Tails College

Bachelor's in Physics and Cat Studies

2004-08 - 2008-05
Las Felinegas, NV
Graduated summa cum laude, focusing on the intersection of classical physics and feline behavioral studies. Initiated a novel research project on the impact of gravitational theories on feline leaping and landing techniques.